Potato Zone Ferro Rod Fire Starter...

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Say Goodbye to Matches: If you are passionate about outdoor explorations and love to sit around the fire, it’s time to try the Potato Zone flint fire starter! This ferro rod fire starter kit is a reliable and safe alternative to matches or lighters, starting the fire within seconds and in any conditions!
Impressive Sparks: Our ferro rod fire starter can reach up to 3000 C, creating fire-starting sparks! The ferrocerium rod is an excellent alternative to steel rod or flint as it can provide up to 12,000 sparks, it’s more reliable and efficient.
Weatherproof and Waterproof: The ferro rod kit will never let you down, whether it’s raining, windy or humid outside. The ferrocerium rod is weatherproof and waterproof, creating large sparks in any condition!
Long-Lasting Camping Lighter | Waterproof Fire Starter | Ideal for Hiking & Emergency Preparedness | Disaster Preparedness Kit
Amazing Gift Idea: Order it for yourself and get ready for your next adventure or surprise your outdoor enthusiast friends and family with an amazing gift! Offer them this fire igniter kit and take their outdoor experience to the next level!


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