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✅ QUICK AND PAINLESS — MyHelp wound closure strips keep the wound closed providing it with strong and secure support. The stitches bandage helps to heal small cuts in days and protects the wound from exposure.
✅ FIRST AID KIT MUST-HAVE — The laceration closure kit includes all you need to close the wound effectively. It comes with four wound closure devices, eight cleaning wipes, and four adhesive dressings. All instruments are individually packed and made of hypoallergenic materials.
✅ STITCHLESS — Having stitches for wounds in your first aid kit may save you a trip to the ER and reduce secondary trauma. Emergency laceration closures are a must-have for those living far away from a hospital, working on a farm, and who like outdoor activities.
✅ EASY TO APPLY AND REMOVE — Butterfly bandages are designed to be easy to use which makes them ideal for kids. Following the instructions, you can apply or remove butterfly stitches in seconds.
✅ REDUCE SCARRING — Unlike traditional stitches, butterfly bandages for wound closure thanks to their non-invasive technique goes without any punctures. In this way, the chances of infection are reduced, and the formation of scarring is minimized.
✅ MIX PACK — You’ll get two types of first aid butterfly closures that allows you to use them on various types of wounds. MyHelp butterfly strips — the #1 choice for your first aid kit!


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