Emergency Food Ration Bars 1 Pack,...



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(as of Jan 26,2024 10:01:07 UTC – Details)

VALUE PACKAGING: Each pack contains 4 bar, a pack of 250g is equivalent to 1145 kcal (4790kJ), and each meal provides 1145 kcal of energy.
EASY TO CARRY: Independent tin foil packaging, small and easy to carry, can be stored in your clothes pocket.Open the bag you can eat it quickly, when you hiking, rock climbing, skiing or long-distance riding,you can choose emergency food bars to provide energy.
NUTRITION AND HEALTH: Emergency survival rods are made of high-quality flour, sugar, oil and other raw materials, which can be carefully made, allowing you to maintain an active body state before high-intensity activities.
SHELF LIFE IS LONG: Emergency food supply by vacuum packaging, don’t add preservatives, 20 year shelf life if you put it in cool and dry place ,even if you are stored for a long time, you can maintain fresh and crispy tastes, providing you with nutrition and vitality.
WIDELY USED: You can eat survival ration bars when encountering emergency,such as disasters, military combat, earthquake, food, hurricane, camping, boating, or more indoor and outdoor activities during emergency, tornado, camping, boating, or more indoor and outdoor activities. This will be a good emergency reserve.


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